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Webmaster as a Profession

In Webmaster Resources | on April, 23, 2011 | by | 0 Comments

There are many rewarding online jobs and website administration is one of them. While you may not necessarily work from your home unless you are freelancing, website development is one of the rather rewarding careers that are based on a virtual platform. It offers job satisfaction, in the sense that you initiate something and see it grow into profits, and offers relative freedom, since you are in charge of setting your own work hours. From a financial standpoint, webmasters make an admirable sum. Those starting off can bank anything from $40000 per year depending on their agility. Those on top of the food chain easily make over $100,000 a year.


Some training is required before one can enter the profession. While there are many ways for doing that, the one thing that you have to ascertain is that you have a sound understanding of all the technical aspects of the job. Some webmasters start with college degrees in computer science, graphic design and related fields. Others go to community college to grasp the specifics that have to do with programming and so on. And others are self trained, forcing themselves to understand the details of the profession by using whatever online and offline resources that they can find. It really doesn’t matter what your training background is, as long as you are a seasoned programmer, understand how a website works (learning coding languages and internet applications) and are open to learning the shifting technologies that are bent on bringing improvement to the field. Certification is needed before a webmaster seeks employment. Most clients will insist on ensuring that.


Because websites are continuously being created, a webmaster almost never lacks an employment opportunity. Again, it is dependent on how aggressive and determined the webmaster is, but the chance to work is always available.  In any case, webmaster job listings are made in the many available directories, both online and offline. For the webmasters that prefer to work individually, setting up a personal website and marketing it is the best thing to do. Some experience is needed before going down this road though.


The job itself offers room for growth, as do all other careers. If you are a webmaster working for a company, mastering the skills can get you to the top, where you are put in charge as the chief web officer, or become a consultant on demand if you are working without a team. In fact, the world becomes your oyster once you gain enough experience and expertise. If you get a job with a major website earning tens of thousands of dollars a day, the work load is many, mostly because the importance tagged to the site is colossal. But the rewards are even more impressive, financially speaking.


The webmaster’s profession is what many 9-5vers dream of. Setting own work hours, and getting the satisfaction of driving a website to success is something to be jealous about. Its not that the job doesn’t have challenges, only that they are minimal when compared to the benefits.

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