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Answered Questions in the Webmaster Profession

In Webmaster Resources | on April, 26, 2011 | by | 0 Comments

The webmaster profession is not as old as the others. It may not be as old as medicine or law-probably because the internet was not even a distant fantasy during the days when those began- but it has made its mark in the world today. This is proven by the fact that lawyers and doctors rely on webmasters when they are looking to market themselves online through establishing their own personal websites.


The webmaster profession has been around for quite sometime, arguably since websites first started making an appearance. And since it has been around for more than a decade and a half, there are questions that have arisen in the profession, and this text aims at answering some of them. Is a webmaster profession a legitimate career? By all means, yes, it is a legitimate career, and one that reserves the potential of being very profitable to you if you take it seriously. Your doubt may stem from the fact that the webmaster course is not offered somewhere in the college list where computer engineering is offered.


Truth is, web mastering combines different aspects from different fields, and this is perhaps why it is not quickly listed as one of the courses that you could apply for in college. Besides, it does not involve a lot, so doing a bachelor’s degree in it would be pointless. In any case, there are institutions which offer webmaster courses and a test exam that is meant for certification. Certification makes a webmaster more marketable, especially when they don’t have a lot of experience to rely on. What is the compensation of a webmaster like? First, you should know that the compensation in any kind of career depends on the level of expertise. With that being said, you should be happy to know that a seasoned webmaster has the potential to earn a lot, depending on their level of expertise, and so on. Those on top earn more than $100000, and the average webmasters who have understood the intricacies of the job earn like $30000 which is still a considerable amount, considering that some of them don’t have college degrees.


Does the webmaster profession offer room for growth? Which profession doesn’t? If there is one then it does not deserve to be called a profession. Webmasters who get to the top are placed in charge of other webmasters and teams of different able professionals, and they usually work in a big company, or on a big site that easily commands respect on the internet. They work as chief web officers (CWOs) and chief technology officer (CTOs). Its general knowledge that any title with the words ‘chief’ and ‘officer’ is commanding of some level of respect, and these are the titles that can be had by webmasters that have risen to the top of their field. Does the profession offer job satisfaction? Yes, and by great standards. Working on websites and seeing them grow to an astounding success is a webmasters greatest success- together with getting equal financial rewards for their efforts. Suffice it to say that once you are in the webmaster profession, you will not want to get out.

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