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Web Development- Doing It Yourself

In Web Development | on April, 27, 2011 | by | 0 Comments

Creating a website is far from easy. There are too many details to be accounted for, and that is why in most cases, people prefer to contract professionals to do the job for them. This makes sense, since they have the technical expertise to make a website with the kind of functionality that you want it to have. However, it costs a lot to create a website, and a basic budget for the project could be as much as $1500- and that’s just the basic. This is cheaper than a decade ago when the internet had not become such an important part of people’s lives. So what do you do when you don’t have that kind of money, can you undergo the process of web development by yourself?


There are costs that you have to meet, like those of getting a reliable host for your site. Different hosts offer different packages for different costs, so you can find something affordable for just a few bucks a month. You need to register the domain name that you have chosen to identify your website. You will need to get some training in some programming languages and in web design, if you are bent of doing everything by yourself. The abundance of online resources means that you can learn how to code in mark-up language, though your learning curve will be steep if you are not a fast learner, especially in technical subjects. You can use WYSIWYG web development software if you opt not to learn HTML and CSS, though for the best kind of professional results, you do need some background knowledge. Web design is not complicated, and you can start your drafts on paper, letting your imagination do most of the work for you. Be precise, about the kind of colors that you want to use, and the arrangement that you want for them menus, the kind of fonts that you are going to use and their size, and so on.


When you have a web layout plan for your website, research the free programs that you can use to bring your layout to life. Remember to keep everything simple, more so since you don’t have the expertise of a graphics designer. A basic outlook is considered sufficient as a start, since you can always change it, once your website has been established on the internet. Web content development is something else that you need to do. This entails the creation of content through writing. The assumption made is that you have identified a niche- a set of keywords that can be used to identify your website. Write content on said keywords, ensuring that all the articles remain informative and relevant to your website. Placing the content on the website is a little complex, especially if you are using CSS and HTML. WYSIWYG editors are invaluable at this point.


Website marketing is the last step, together with ensuring website submission to the many different search engines there are. Many specifics have been left out, but this outline suffices in showing that it is possible, although with considerable difficulty.

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