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HTML Tips for Font

In Web Development | on April, 09, 2011 | by | 0 Comments

Font of the content in your webpage plays an important role in maintaining your clients. Your content should have a font size that can be easily read by your clients. There are various tips and strategies that you can use to ensure that your font is readable by all people.

Information on any given website is very important to the target audience. It is very important to ensure that all people visiting the site can be able to read your content comfortably. Standard fonts range from 1 to 7 and you can always choose the font that you think is best for your clients. Always remember that not all people who will be visiting your website have good sight. You can use standard font of 12 or 14 which are large enough to be viewed by all people comfortably. Larger fonts can be used for headers and titles of the content. However, you should not use extremely large fonts which can break your layout design.

Cross check your font after inputting content to ensure that the content can be read. There are several font properties that have to be considered to facilitate better readability. Font color and type go hand in hand with size. Always ensure that the color of the letters compliment that of background for example, if your background is light, complementing color of the letters and numbers would definitely be dark. Always have in mind that some people are color blind and they may not be able to view some colours well. You can use black and other colours that can read by color blind people easily.

In the case of type, remember that some font types are not easily readable. Choose fonts like Arial and new times roman which can be read easily compared to other font types for instance the calligraphic fonts. However, this is dependent on the content you have and your target customers as well as the season. During Christmas or other festivals of such a kind, you may create web content that has flowers, card like messages and other graphics. You can use calligraphic fonts in such a case as long as they can be read by the target audience comfortably. You can also use images and include such calligraphic fonts instead of including them on the entire web content.

Different browsers may change the font of your content because of different properties. To overcome this problem and ensure that font sizes are the same across browsers, always put your fonts in pixels. Other properties for example picas can also be used to facilitate this. Cascading Style Sheet can be used to achieve this important feature of fonts ensuring that your clients access content with the same font regardless of the browsers they are using. Pixel feature forces your content to remain the same size on all browsers that may be used to request information from your site.

Basically, always ensure that the font size can be read by all people comfortably regardless of their condition.

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