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HTML tips for eBay

In Web Development | on April, 09, 2011 | by | 0 Comments

HTML is a widely used computer language due to its simplicity. It can be used in web design to get just about anything done. HTML works wonders in online marketing especially in terms of attracting traffic due to the fact that surfers love simplicity. Indeed, HTML has been used successfully in web design with amazing results. However, it is not only in web design that HTML works wonders. You can use it in your eBay listings to add a little elegance and watch as numerous clients come your way.

HTML is easily used as long as you have the right tools which are not exactly hard to come by. The tools are easily accessible from ‘Advanced Seller’ options on eBay and you can purchase them here. If you do not fancy the purchasing option, you can decide to do it your way and program your won tools. Since HTML is self explanatory, giving it a try on eBay might offer you the exact breakthrough you have desired.

While using HTML on your eBay listings, surround your paragraphs with the correct tags for a paragraph which are <p> </p>. To start a new line without skipping any space, use the <br> and to draw a horizontal line across the screen, utilize the <hr> tag. Avoid leaving any space between the letters in the brackets. You can utilize bold, underline and italics to create emphasis and to help a potential customer get the picture. Codes such as < b > XXX < /b > for bold, < i > XXX < /i > for italics and < u > XXX < /u > for underline where the XXX represents the text you want to emphasize, can be employed to denote how the text should look like.

Variation of text size is another tip for attracting prospective buyers to your listing. You can enlarge the size of your text when designing an attention-grabbing headline. HTML offers five different font sizes from size 1 to 5. You can use the code < font size=a > XXX < /font > with a being the variable font size number and XXX the text to experiment until you get the desired font size. To make your text look symmetrical, you can center your text using the code < center > XXX < /center >.

You can also add links to your eBay listing to connect to your website or to any other resourceful site by using the code < a href=”Web address” > XXX < /a >. Easy wordings such as ‘Visit my website’ in the links are descriptive and will go a long way in creating simplicity. Also, make use of colors and images to make your listing visually appealing and bullet or number your lists to make it easy for your prospective buyers to follow.

HTML should however be used sparingly lest it becomes complicated for your prospects to understand or visually unappealing. This might end up making your listing look unprofessional and hence miss out on potential buyers.

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