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Basic Web Development Tips

In Web Development | on May, 01, 2011 | by | 0 Comments

Web development is the most involving part of website creation, and arguably the most important one. To be an accomplished web developer means having to deal with the constant challenge of making the website you create an authority in the niche that is being targeted. While this may be a task for the internet marketer or the webmaster, there is no denying that the web developer makes indirect contributions of their own. In any case, it is not unusual to have the webmaster that is playing the role of a web developer.


Web development will directly affect the speed at which the website loads. This means that the web developer is in charge of deciding what graphic detail is allowed on to the website. It has to be consistent with the development ideas they have in mind. This means that an interdisciplinary skill that a web developer should have is in web design. In this, they should know about image processing and optimization, through the use of programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. They should know how to process an image to increase its visual elements or get rid of imperfections, and how to reduce its size to an appropriate one that can be added to a site. They need to have the intuitive ability to decide which images work best for the site, and those that don’t. The should know how to integrate the graphics into the web pages without compromising its readability- in the case where the image and the text overlap- or increase its loading time.


The speed of the website depends on the applications, elements, graphics, programs, used on the site, and the more there are, the slower the site will be. Since all these are integrated during web development, a web developer should decide which ones to be included and which ones to be cancelled out, so that the optimum speeds should be achieved. This may be hard, especially when the inclusion of said elements is necessary. In such a case, the web developer should know how to maintain optimum loading speeds.


Web content development is under the domain of the web developer. They get to be in charge of the process of content creation- whether through original content creation or research. The web developer has to set quality standards upon which content must be created to ensure that it is consistent with the objectives of the site, and that it is not repetitive or redundant, especially when a lot of content has to be created in one topic. The web developer can choose to assign the task to a dedicated contents manager, who can deal with the content management, and a web producer, who can be tasked with the job of converting it to HTML.


A web developer has to continually stay updated on the web development ideas that seem to be yielding results. For instance, integration of social networking by including links within the websites helps visitors retain their interactivity with the website when they are networking.

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