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What web design says about a business

In Web Design | on April, 16, 2011 | by | 0 Comments

If you are an online marketer, you probably need no further emphasis on the importance of web design to any type of business be it small or corporate. As opposed to offline situations where an office building may not convey much about the business until you get print material, web design is quite different. One glance at your website is enough for a potential client to make conclusions about your business. In short, the design functions as the company’s virtual card. This means that every business that has its eyes on being successful should take care of its design as it will tell your potential clients everything they need to know to decide whether they can do business with you or not.  This article details the message that your web design conveys to your customers.

The first and greatest message conveyed by your web design is that of professionalism. Your web design will help your visitors decide whether you are professional. In professionalism, factors such as functionality, usability and visual effects come into play and they determine the site’s professionalism. For example, you do not expect to send the message of being a serious businessman with your website being full of cartoons and animations unless of course your business of that nature or your target audience is children. Not only will the animations be annoying to people looking for serious products but they will also take a long time to load. An error free web design with all the features of designing used in moderation tells your visitor that you are a professional businessman who cares about your business image. Sloppy designs on the other hand convey the message of unprofessionalism, laziness and not caring.

Message number two is the kind of audience you want to attract. As mentioned above, a website whose principal design is cartoons and animations though beautiful will not attract serious corporate clients unless they are in this field. Funky and pretty designs will appeal to young people while older people are more likely to be attracted by minimalistic designs.

The web design also displays; just by how it looks, the kind of products the businessman is concentrating on. Using the same example mentioned above, a design full of cartoons and animations could be telling the client at a glance that this is the kind of business the webmaster is in. For other businesses, one can use images or graphics in moderation to illustrate the kind of products the businessman wishes to move.

Last but most definitely not the least, the design conveys the business goals and strategies. The design of the website together with introductory content on the home page conveys the business vision to the visitor. This can be done by incorporating moderate images together with the text for example; a business that is offering online courses could have an image of a person in a graduation gown to convey their goal. All in all, the design tells in great detail what words will not so it should be as flawless a possible.

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