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Web design tips for brand building

In Web Design | on April, 12, 2011 | by | 0 Comments

Brand building in web design is one of the most misinterpreted terms especially by people who are venturing into online businesses for the first time. People tend to define branding in the online world using the same standards as in the offline world which is a very big mistake.  Unfortunately, branding cannot compensate for a sloppy design with crappy content so before you think of branding, think of having a quality design and quality content. However, this does not mean that branding is not important. On the contrary, it will influence your online presence a great deal so after you have ensured that your design and content sells on its own, you can go ahead and utilize the following tips in creating a brand.

Tip number one has to do with color. More often than not, the color of a website is the first thing that strikes the viewer’s eyes before they can discern anything else. The color that you have used will convey a certain message to your target audience. Playing around with colors can help you with brand creation. If for example you are in the entertainment industry, you can use red color because it signifies energy, excitement, passion and power. Green on the other hand represents nature and it can be used successfully for websites dealing with such kind of products for example natural foods. However, when using any color on a brand, be sure to research on its effects as well as cultural associations because different colors could mean different things to different people.

Character or symbol is another way to create a brand. This method is widely used in the branding industry and it involves choosing a character that your audience can identify you with. This can be done using an icon or just a simple image for example, Twitter uses a blue bird. Emotion is also an important factor in branding. There is that specific emotion that you will want your viewers to have when they log on to your site and you can create this using images and colors on your web design.

Uniformity and consistency are equally important in branding. If you intend to create a brand, you will not do so by changing design elements on each page. You need to repeat elements over and over for your clients to be able to remember them. Elements such as the color palette and symbols need to appear on every page for your visitors to associate them with you as should layout and codes. The size and position of the logo also need to be consistent on every page.

The importance of value proposition cannot be underestimated in branding. This is a short statement on the home page that explains to your viewers what you are dealing with and it will help them decide whether they are on the right site. The illustrations that you use should also display a tone of voice that augurs well with your target audience for example; young people might enjoy a fun and informal tone. Above everything, make sure you design is unique and not a duplicate of another site.

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