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Wage margins in web design

In Web Design | on April, 10, 2011 | by | 0 Comments

There are many web designers available in the market. However, the wages they make in a year is dependent on many factors. Education is one of the key determinants of the wages a web designer will make. Well educated web designers for instance those with bachelor’s degrees in either web design or computer science are likely to be employed by large web design companies which definitely pay much more compared to small companies and individual designers. On the other hand, web designers with less qualification are likely to employed by relatively small companies or be contracted to design websites for individuals. They are paid much less compared to those with better qualifications and working with large web design companies.

The experience of the web designer determines whether they will get high profile jobs with any company or not. Designers who have worked in the field for relatively longer periods have a lot of experience in relation to designing websites. They are therefore not likely to make mistakes which are common with newbies in the field. At the same time, these people are capable of designing highly appealing websites that would ensure continuous flow of traffic to that particular site.  In this case, they are employed by high profile companies and even if they are employed by small web designing companies, they are paid higher wages compared to less experienced web designers.

Whether one is self employed or employed by another person also determines the wage to take home. Self employed web designers can make a lot of money especially if they are highly experienced. Experience allows them to design unique websites which encourages existing clients to come back and refer other clients to such designers. However, this business could be hard to maintain especially in places where clients believe in companies so much. In fact, the greatest competitors of self employed web designers are the large web design companies. Web designers employed by companies are paid relatively lower wages. However, they are assured of work at all times especially when working with reputable companies.

The size of the company a web designer is working for also determines the wages paid. Large companies usually have many clients and many referrals, which means they have a lot of work at any given time and higher wages as a result. On the other hand, smaller companies may not have such large loads of work which means their designers are paid much lower because they do not have a lot of work. Smaller companies are mostly affected by large companies which attract more clients. Most people are of the idea that large companies guarantee better quality compared to small companies. At the same time, small companies are likely to charge more because of the cost of production compared to large companies. In such a case, the clients will prefer to contract the large companies to design websites for them.  High ranking designers can earn between USD 70,000 and 100,000 a year while other web designers earn an average of USD 50,000 or less per year.

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